Friday, 23 January 2015

DAY 44 - It's The Final Countdown

Hi y'all, and greetings from the One World Business Lounge at LAX. I guess this means that technically, we have left the USA (I think).

Today was a very relaxing day in preparation for our 12 hour haul back to Sydney, followed by a two-and-a-half hour drive back to Canberra. We essentially did two things today after splitting into two groups; the Shoppers and the Spotters. Kyle and I became the Spotters after we dropped the Splitters (sorry, I meant Shoppers) at Westfield Culver City for one last retail therapy fix.

The weather was beautiful today and perfect for spotting. This is probably reflected in the 450 photos I took today; but, thankfully I will spare you having to see the majority with just a select few dozen.

After the two groups had rejoined we headed back to the airport where I dropped off the family at Terminal B and returned our trusty Rental Car. I did make one expensive mistake though, I forgot to refuel the car before returning. Let's just say that Hertz Fuel prices are not currently at an all-time-low. After rejoining the family we then checked in the 9 pieces of luggage. Our limit for each piece was 23 kg (around 50-pounds) and I swear that six of the nine were 23-point-something kilograms. But we managed to get away with it. Whew!

Clearing security was as usual, no one said the 'B' word, so all was good. Josh didn't manage to get the free pass that he was accustomed to.

As soon as we arrived we checked into the One World Business Lounge and started to organise some leisurely showers to freshen up for our flight. We might be noisy, but we certainly aren't stinky. Afterwards, I headed downstairs to try my luck at some night shots around the terminal.

Well that's it for this, the penultimate blog for our holiday. I promise one more blog for our experiences on the return journey home. For those who are interested (Mel, you know you are) we are on flight QFA108, LAX to YSSY which is a Boeing B747-400 VH-OJM

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