Sunday, 11 January 2015

DAY 32 - Phase One Comes Full Circle

Hi y'all, greetings from Lewisville, Texas around six miles (10 km) out of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

There's not too much to report for today's Blog except to say that it was possibly our shortest transit day to date, travelling from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to here via a short stop in Dallas, Texas.

Our route took us directly south
The route was pretty straight-forward down the I-35 highway and crossing from Oklahoma to Texas at the Red River, just north of Gainesville, Texas. The distance covered was 189 miles (304 km) and took around two-and-a-half hours. Whilst mentioning Gainesville, we noticed some signs advertising the Gainesville Outlet Centre, so we figured it was only a short trip we were making so we should check it out. It turns out that the place was a Ghost-Town with not a single place open in sight. In fact, there seemed to have been some RVs that had moved into the area (seemingly permanently) almost akin to squatters moving into a derelict building.

On the road again...
Welcome back to Texas. Oh, and I have seen Texan's drive and I would not call their driving behaviour friendly ;)
I never tire of these spaghetti Interchanges

Rather than travel directly to our hotel room, we decided to visit the flagship Half Price Books store in Dallas. We had researched this shop (it's World famous) before we left Australia and were still gobsmacked by the enormousness of this shop. We ended up spending a few hours in the shop and managed to pick up some more heavy stuff for us to cart home. We then navigated to our hotel in Lewisville to commence a massive repack for our flight out of Dallas tomorrow morning.

Circuit one complete...Whew!

This ends the first and main leg of our holiday taking the following route, anticlockwise. In total we travelled for 30 days, covered 13 states, crossed a state border 28 times stayed in 14 separate hotels, drove 5989 miles (9638 km), watched 11 NBA teams (Basketball) play six matches with four overtimes, one NFL (Gridiron) match, one NHL (Ice Hockey) match, attended one Heavy Metal concert, saw two Saturn V rockets (well three if you count the fake one standing upright in Hunstville, Alabama), experienced a minimum temperature of minus 17 degrees C and a maximum of 13 degrees C, met countless friendly people, been accused of being English twice and Austrian once and caught up with two great friends. The cheapest fuel we purchased was in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma which cost 42 cents per litre, the most expensive was 65.7 cents per litre at Charlotte, North Carolina.

Oh and our car, as boring a car it is, went flawlessly, even when I had to start the ignition first thing in the morning at minus 16 degrees C.

Our amended route for phase one

13 States covered
Tomorrow we commence a shorter adventure, starting with a flight to Los Angeles on flight QF3032 (American Airlines flight AA2419) departing here at around 0920 h.

Time for a rest.