Monday, 15 December 2014

DAY 05 - No Rest For The Wicked

This morning we woke up to what I would suspect to be a typical glorious blue Texan sky without a single cloud in sight. We must be still getting over our jet-lag as we managed to sleep in until just before 0900h which just so happens to be the exact same time that breakfast ceases to be available at the La Quinta Inn Hotel. It was sheer determination that got us across the line in time (well, some of us anyway) for breakfast. It seems; however, that the funky Texas-shaped waffles that we experienced at the Spring Hill Suites are not so unique...but that doesn't make them any less yummy.

Today was intended to be a rest day; but as mentioned in yesterday's blog, we needed to complete our Grapevine Mills shopping experience, so shop we did. Compared to yesterday, the shopping was great as (a) it wasn't a weekend and (b) students, adults and parents were at school/work. These factors reduced the shopping population ten-fold. We managed to catch some great bargains including shoes, clothes and many things that we really don't need.

After shopping and lunch we needed to run a few errands including finding a Post Office, which we located and arranged a package to be sent to Anchorage, Alaska. We then decided to go and check out 48,000 seat open Ballpark, Globe Life Park, home of the Texas Rangers Baseball Team.

Globe Life Park, Arlington, TX

We then headed the short distance to check out the 80,000 seat AT&T Arena, home of the Dallas Cowboys, the third largest stadium in the NFL (by numbers). It can actually host 108,000 fans with 28,000 standing.

In case you were wondering, that's AT&T Stadium in the background
We then headed back to La Quinta Inn so that we (okay, I really mean Maureen) could catch up on some laundry requirements. Schuyler, Josh and I headed out to a Best Buy shop to look for headphones for Joshua and we picked up dinner for the family on the way home.

For the record, Bob (the GPS) and I got on pretty well today with only one slight detour of no real consequence. I actually think we can make this work.

Out-and-about in Arlington, TX
We'll, that's all folks. Tomorrow we are heading out to Shreveport and Tyler about three-and-a-bit hours east of Dallas.