Saturday, 17 January 2015

DAY 37 - Oot And Aboot In Beautiful Vancouver

Hi y'all, and greetings from beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Firstly, let me just say that this place is just stunning, beautiful tall green Fir Trees, mountain ranges with snow caps and beautiful blue water abound.

The Plekkers...keeping you in the picture on Day 37

Today we woke at around 0800h before heading straight across the other side of town to see the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, north east of Vancouver.

The scenic drive through Vancouver towards Capilano

Crossing Lynn Creek

Nearly there

This park has been a tourist attraction since 1869, and it's easy to see why. Notwithstanding the awesome suspension bridge(s), one of which has a 150m span, the treetops adventure where you stroll the rainforest canopy at treetop height, the cliff walk, which includes a walkway that seems to hang precariously alongside a cliff face, high above the ground, the magnificent Totem Poles, or the beautiful lake setting along the Raptor Walk, the true beauty of this place is simply the natural surrounds. This includes some of the most magnificent tall trees some of which are over 1300 years old and majestic views of Grouse Mountain. The drive was around 40 minutes from our Hotel and we are truly glad we decided to try out this place.

Welcome to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Some good looking chick adorning a Totem Pole

Schuyler and Kyle check out another Totem Pole

The 150m long suspension bridge

Those daring Plekkers on the suspension bridge

Oh and I was daring too

Schuyler checking out the fast-flowing Capilano River below

Walking the trails

The Plekkers all over the place

The view from the tree-tops

Beautiful moss-covered trees

The suspension bridge from below

A small flowing stream making its way to the Capilano River

Beautiful tall Fir Trees

A small lake across the Capilano River

Making our way towards the cliff walk

The cliff walk

It all attaches to this

Like my shoes?

The cliff walk

When this was completed, we headed into the small township of Edgemont Village where we had wonderful Sushi prepared before our very eyes at the Nobu Japanese Sushi Bar.

Crossing the road in Edgemont Village

Our Rental Car

We then headed further north to Cleveland Dam which sits on the southern side of Lake Capilano. Cleveland dam supplies pure drinking water supplied by the surrounding mountains called 'the Lions' to the greater Vancouver region. The view from the top of the dam to the 100m tall spillway is breathtaking.

Lake Capilano with the Lions to the right

Lake Capilano leading to Cleveland Dam

Schuyler have a good time at Lake Capilano

The spillway at Cleveland Dam

The spillway at Cleveland Dam

A beautiful reflection at Lake Capilano
Afterwards we headed across Vancouver Harbour on the 1.8 km long / 111m tall Lions Gate Bridge to Stanley Park with it's beautiful vista of West Vancouver, English Bay and Vancouver Harbour. The Lions Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge built in 1938.

A log cabin gets some work done as we leave Cleveland Dam

The view from Stanley Park to the Lions Gate Bridge

Later in the day Schuyler and I would walk this bridge

The view towards English Bay

Family picture at Stanley Park

Don't you just love this tree?

We then headed into the city to check out the Vancouver Lookout Tower. The Vancouver Lookout Tower sits atop the Harbour Centre in the Vancouver CBD. Glass elevators take you up 163 m above the pavement level allowing you to circle the top of the building capturing the scenery from all directions. The angle of the viewing windows and cleanness of the glass really made photography easy. An interesting tidbit we learned was that Neil Armstrong officially opened the tower in 1977 and his footprints were impressed on a concrete plinth. However, a renovation around three years ago resulted in the plinth mysteriously disappearing. Some say that it was inadvertently damaged and disposed of, whilst others suggest it was stolen.

The Harbour Centre Building with the Vancouver Lookout Tower above it

Nice buildings and skies

A Vancouver Trolley Bus

Street scape

The Harbour Centre from a different perspective
The map actually included Canberra...yay!
 Views from the Vancouver Lookout Tower:

The view towards the city of Burnaby, BC.

We then headed across to the nearby city of Burnaby to check out the largest shopping mall in the district, the Metropolis at Metrotown. This 400 store Mega Mall was exhausting, but we managed to persist and shop, nonetheless.

Finally, as it was nightfall, we headed back to the Lions Gate Bridge to try our luck with catching some Vancouver City nightspots. To do so, we parked under the western end of the bridge and proceeded to walk more than a kilometre to the centre of the bridge. Unfortunately, being a suspension bridge meant that it shook with the passing traffic, which will have affected some of the longer exposures we (Schuyler and I) were shooting.

A not-so-sharp view of Vancouver taken from the very shaky Lions Gate Bridge

The Lions Gate Bridge

The north main pillar of the Lions Gate Bridge

After a long day, we headed back to our Hotel around 30km from the bridge. It was a very busy day in Vancouver and I'm sure we didn't do it justice. I think you could easily spend a week here, which I would love to do.

Well that's it for Day 37, tomorrow we head back across the USA-Canada border to Seattle, Washington.

PS. A little something we saw in the Gift Shop at the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park: