Saturday, 13 December 2014

DAY 03 - Let's Go, Mavs

Day 3 kicked off with a less-than-ideal sleep-in due to my parking the car in an overnight carpark that required me to move it out at 0705h. Needless to say, I discovered a new word to describe the thing we commonly call an alarm clock.

Once we were up it was downstairs for breakfast, with the usual hotel fare that we have become accustomed to in previous trips States-side; stale muffins and bagels, cream cheese in a disposable pack usually reserved for tomato sauce (oops, sorry, ketchup) and mustard, three types of juice, chicken sausages and scrambled eggs. I figure that a review from Gordon Ramsey wouldn't go especially well.

We commenced our travels with a spot of shopping at a large Mall which contained a Macy's, because Macy's was having a giant Sale...because it's Saturday. All in all most of us collected stuff we wanted and everyone was happy. We then decided to head back to our hotel with a plan to park the car, have lunch somewhere local (and uniquely American) after which we would walk to the American Airlines Centre (Stadium) to enjoy a Basketball match between the hometown Mavericks (aka. 'the Mavs') and the Golden State Warriors of Oakland, California.

All was going well until the GPS (let's call it Bob) and I had a disagreement; you see, Bob wanted to take us home the correct way, and clearly I didn't. However, without any complaint whatsoever, Bob tried hard to resurrect the situation, however, Bob was unaware of a traffic jam that really was in a jam (i.e. not moving whatsoever). So then I managed a funky U-turn and kept driving in the opposite direction, in spite of Bob's protestation ("make a U-turn"), until Bob finally relented and came up with a new suggestion that got us back home.

So we had Subway for lunch before hurriedly walking to the Stadium.

The match was great despite the Mavs (who we were all rooting for...yes you heard me correct) losing to the spirited Warriors who led from the start and stayed there. The view of the game was great, albeit our vantage point was up in the hypoxia section which is somewhat higher than nose-bleed section.
Check out the funky American Airlines planes in the Foyer

Welcome to 'Hypoxia' section
After the game, we headed back to the car and out for dinner and some night shopping, before heading back to the Hotel and stepping out for some night photography. 

This is for Mr Aquire
What the heck? JJ's here?

Dallas is really quite pretty at night and I felt quite safe when walking at night. 
A McDonald's Restaurant in the shape of a Happy Meal???
Our Hotel in Dallas
Beautiful buildings and features and lots of people out enjoying their Saturday night. I walked all over the place before stumbling across a scene that looked strangely familiar. I had stumbled down Elm street and found the famous Texas School Book Depository from which the fateful bullet was fired and ending the life of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy on 22 Nov 1963. 

Two bullets hit the President that day, although an elderly man spoke with me at length about the third bullet that was fired that day. As far as conspiracy theories go, this was very interesting as was the bit that included Woody Harrelson's father. 

I'd tell you more, but then I'd have to kill you, besides, I'm not even sure who reads this crap. 

Anyhow, time to tuck in after a long and great day in Dallas, Texas. I hope you at least enjoy the pictures.
A stunning memorial to President John F Kennedy

The view of the place where JFK was assassinated. The famous 'Grassy-Knoll' on the left and the
Book Depository further up
Taken from the 'Grassy-Knoll'
The exact spot where the second bullet fatally hit the President of the USA

DAY 02 - Yeeha!!! Welcome to Dallas, Texas

After travelling on the World's longest commercial airline flight (by distance), we finally hit Dallas. Home of the Cowboys, Mavericks and the scumbag who shot JR Ewing.

The flight was long and pretty uneventful. No real turbulence to speak of (which really cheeses me off) and lots of food to be consumed. The movie selection was pretty good and I highly recommend the awesome Kiwi vampire movie, 'What we do in the Shadows'; it's hilarious.

Clearing through Customs on arrival was a nightmare. First we need to complete a form, then we didn't, then we needed to join a special queue, then were told that we were in the wrong queue. Then we were told we had to fill out a special form, then told it wasn't needed before being sent to the secondary Customs desk to fill out said form and proceeded to wait an eternity for it to be processed, then we were told that we needed to follow the Customs Officer to see a supervisor, only to be told before we got there that all was okay and that we were free to leave. That only took around an hour-and-a-half.
We then picked up the rental car and proceeded to speed off between Fort Worth (where the airport is), and Dallas to make sure we would be in time for Josh and I to get to the Concert he had booked so long ago. In order to make our timings, we dropped off Maureen, Schuyler and Kyle at the Hotel (the Spring Hill Suites in downtown Dallas.

The concert which was at the South Side Ball Room included the bands; Black Veil Brides, Falling in Reverse, Set it up and Drama Club. The queue to get in must have been nearly a kilometre long by the time the doors opened.
According to Josh, the concert was awesome; according to me it was 'huh! I can't hear anything anymore. The acts which were at the South Side Ball Room were Black Veil Brides, Falling in Reverse, Set it up and Drama Club. 

And so ended a very busy day.