Saturday, 6 December 2014

DAY - T minus 5 Days

Welcome to our 2014 USA holiday blog. The last I wrote seemed to be pretty popular, so I thought I'd have another crack.

Firstly, where are we going? The map below pretty well lays out our plan which is essentially a two-part journey. Firstly, a south-eastern circuit starting in Dallas, and covering major cities such as, San Antonio, Houston, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Pensacola, Nashville, Charlotte, Atlanta, Memphis, St Louis, Kansas City, Oklahoma and back to Dallas. This is followed by a flight to Los Angeles (a few days there), then flying to Seattle before driving down the west coast via Portland, San Francisco, possibly Yosemite National Park, then back to Los Angeles. (Planning for the west coast is not yet concrete). Overall, we will be in the US for just short of six weeks.

We will be departing this Friday 12 Dec 14. Flying on Qantas Flight QF07 on the Airbus A380. This is currently the longest flight in the world (by distance), which is 13800km and takes around 15 hours.

The whole family is going except for Scott the Cat who is being baby-sat (or cat-sat back here in Canberra. :( 

I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures.

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