Thursday, 18 December 2014

DAY 07 - A Long Drive In Grizzly Weather Leads To Grizzly Win In Triple Overtime

Today we headed down south-west from Tyler, Texas  to San Antonio, Texas a distance of 313 miles/504km or just over five hours of driving. The drive was relatively uneventful except we encountered a lot of rain along the way, especially as we drove through the cities of Waco and Austin. There were also a few traffic jams as we skirted on the highways that pass these cities.

We managed a single stop along the way for lunch and reached our destination at around 1530h. After   organising the room at our hotel, the Comfort Suites by the Riverwalk, we set about walking to AT&T Stadium to watch a Basketball match.

Leaving the Comfort Suites in Lindale (near Tyson, TX)

The weather as we drove through Austin
The Basketball match was between the San Antonio Spurs and the Memphis Grizzlies and what a match it was. The final score was 117 (Grizzlies) to 116 (Spurs), and that was only achieved after three overtimes were played. The Grizzlies lead from the start but it wasn't until the Spurs dug deep in the third quarter that the match became very interesting. Famous players at the match were; Zac Randolph, Tim Duncan, Marc Gasol, Manu Ginobili and Danny Green. Apparently if you know the NBA, you know these guys.

The walk to the stadium was interesting as an apparent 0.8 mile walk turned out to be around a 2.25 mile walk through some (let's say) 'interesting' neighbourhoods. It reminded us of our late night walk through Oakland, California during our last US holiday in 2012. After our walking experience we decided a cab back to the hotel would be the best option.

The end of our long walk to the AT&T Centre

The final score

Well that's all for today.

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